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A far better way to buy property for sale in Languedoc, south France

So much more than a Languedioc property estate agent

Why hire a Languedoc Property Hunter?

Estate agents in the Languedoc region of southern France represent property sellers, not buyers. But we represent you. So whereas an agent might (and they often do) take you to see all the properties in Languedoc that they just can’t shift, we separate the wheat from the chaff. We make sure you spend your precious time only visiting the very best properties on the market that actually meet your brief. And we make sure you only look in the very best areas and villages in this part of the south of France.




Want to know more about Languedoc property? About the area itself? Contact me today, and I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. And it won't cost you a centime. CLICK HERE to contact me.



In short:



  • We know how much a property should cost
  • We have strong relationships with local agents and make sure you don't over-pay for a property


  • We pounce on the best properties before everyone else
  • We know which areas and villages are better than others
  • We can spot a Languedoc property 'lemon'  a mile off


  • You won't visit the wrong properties in the wrong areas
  • We'll make sure you don’t get tangled in bureaucracy

"But aren’t all the houses for sale in Languedoc lovely?"

  • Property in Languedoc varies enormously. There are some truly gorgeous houses for sale in the region. But there is also a lot of rubbish - ugly, badly-constructed homes that are just a waste of time visiting.

"It's the south of France - surely all areas are wonderful?"

  • The Languedoc area varies hugely. Not all of this part of the south of France is equally warm, dry and wind-free. Some villages and towns are much prettier and livelier than others. Some are less friendly. Some suffer from flooding.

Think of us as your informed guide and representative


It’s our job to make sure you get the best property in the nicest area for as little money as possible.




Go to our testimonials page to find our what past customers of Prime Languedoc think of the service we provided them.





About Patrick Cameron - Property Hunter and Prime Languedoc's director.


For the last 20 years of my working life, I was the Chief Executive of the European division of an international company with headquarters in the United States. In this role I was responsible for setting up and establishing companies in France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Dubai, as well as India and the Republic of South Africa. I therefore have considerable international experience of property negotiations and building new properties under different tax and legal regimes.


In 2004 I retired to Languedoc, in the south of France and spent a year trying to find a house that met my requirements. I have therefore been through the process of buying a house in this area, and have extensive contacts with local estate agents, notaires (lawyers), and vendors.


While I found doing nothing extraordinarily acceptable, this part of France can be too relaxing, and the tendency to while away the time enjoying the languid lifestyle and the luscious local liquid products is almost overwhelming!


I therefore decided to set up Prime Languedoc, both to help others enjoy this beautiful area, and to try and stave off terminal decay, however delightful!


Patrick's perspective on property hunting...  (click to open / close)

Having settled on Languedoc-Roussillon as the best place for you to buy a property, you may feel that your selection of an area in which to look is over. This is in fact not so. Within this vast area there are huge differences in landscape, and indeed climate. Furthermore, certain areas are being rapidly developed. Your lovely house on the edge of the village with fantastic views over the vineyards could easily become a lovely house with fantastic views over a housing estate. This would be an extremely expensive mistake to make - and one that a Languedoc-based property hunter can make sure you don't make.

A property search consultant will save you time - as you'll only end up visiting the most appropriate properties

As there are several hundred estate agents in the area - good, bad and indifferent - a property search consultant based in Languedoc can help separate out those who will really listen to what you want and will show you suitable houses; and those who will see you as a rich ex-pat on whom they can unload any old unsaleable wreck that has been on their books for months or years! Furthermore, some properties are not even available for sale via estate agents (Realtors), and are sold via personal contacts. Prime Languedoc, as specialists in only the best properties, is often approached to keep these on our database.


Why over-pay?


Property in Languedoc, south FranceWhile it is relatively easy to find out about average prices for average houses, on-the-spot local knowledge is invaluable to ensure that you are not overpaying for your dream house. Again, this is the sort of insider knowledge that a property hunter based in Languedoc can give you access to. It is so easy to be carried away, especially when comparing what you can buy here compared with what you would pay in say, the South of England, for the same type of property. Although prices have increased rapidly over the past few years and are likely to continue, there is still very good value to be had if you have time to look around.  And saving time is one of the key advantages of using a local Property Search Consultant. You won’t waste time visiting endless estate agents in Languedoc; you won’t waste time looking at unsuitable properties; and you can be sure that the time you do spend here will be well spent.


We help you through the buying process


Once you have found your property, the next hurdle is the French process of property purchase. As explained elsewhere, this is not too forbidding, but it is different and it does take place in French, so it's helpful to have your property hunter there to guide you through the procedure.


For all these reasons, it would be extremely surprising if a modest investment in the services of a Property Search Consultant did not save you money (and a great deal of stress) overall.





Want to know more about Languedoc property? About the area itself? Contact me today, and I'll do my best to answer any questions you might have. And it won't cost you a centime. CLICK HERE to contact me.


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Price: €650,000

Size: 500m2, 6 Bedrooms

Beautiful 1800s 'maison bourgeoise' on the edge of a beautiful village, close the sea.


Price: €318,000

Size: 150m2, 4 Bedrooms

Attractive modern villa with a courtyard garden, beautiful views and a pool. Close to Béziers.


Price: €700,000

Size: 270m2, 7 Bedrooms

Gorgeous ex-farmhouse with a gîte apartment, garden and pool.


Price: €650,000

Size: 190m2, 5 Bedrooms

Spacious modern villa close to up-and-coming Béziers - with a large garden and pool.


Price: €595,000

Size: 300m2, 6 Bedrooms

The wing of a 17th century château with a large formal garden and a pool. In a beautiful mountain location.


Price: 460,000

Size: 150m2, 3 Bedrooms

1700s house in stone with a large garden and pool. Close to popular Montpellier.